Fix Credit Report Overview: What Causes Errors on Your Report? How Can You Fix Them?

Are you looking for ways to repair your credit report? Do you think there are inaccuracies that need to be fixed in order to help raise your score? There could be mistakes on a credit report for a variety of reasons, ranging from fraud to your own personal mistake. You have a legal right to try and fix credit report errors, either on your own or by going through a credit repair company. The latter is the better option if you aren’t confident that you will be able to do everything yourself.

One common reason for errors is that the person may have applied for credit by using variations of their name rather than be consistent 100% of the time. Perhaps you might have applied for one credit card using just your first and last name, and another one with your first, middle, and last name. Or perhaps you used your PO Box on one application and street address for another. Other life changes could have a role as well, such as getting a divorce, moving and not updating your address, getting a new phone number, and so forth.

Sometimes the creditors aren’t as fair as they should be when reporting. This is why it’s a good idea to use a service that has a network of lawyers and paralegals who can help identity unfairness and fix credit report items that shouldn’t be there due to unfairness or mistakes that aren’t any fault of your own.

What You Need to Fix Credit Report Issues

Here are some of the services an ideal credit repair company will offer:

• Creditor interventions

• Cease and desist letters

• Score analysis

• Inquiry Assist

• Report Watch

• Negotiations with the creditors and credit bureaus

• Identity protection

• FICO score tracker

There are usually different tiers of services available at different prices. At the most basic, you will receive bureau challenges and creditor interventions. You might not need some of the other services if you already have some type of credit monitoring anyway.

How long does the process take? There is no way of knowing 100% sure how long it will take for you to start seeing results, and what kind of results you will see. Any credit repair organization that tries to make any specific guarantees should be avoided. Never pay them anything. You shouldn’t even have to pay any money upfront anyway, as that goes against credit repair rules also.

You can get all of the assistance you need, including a paralegal who will be personally assigned to you, if you choose Lexington Law to help you fix credit report problems. It’s one of the more reputable organizations. The vast majority of Lexington Law reviews are extremely positive.

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