6 Things You NEED to Know About Your New Neighborhood Before Moving

Your neighborhood should be a dream come true.  This needs to be a location that feels like home to you and gets you excited to come back after work and relax.  These are the six things to know about your neighborhood before you move.

How Far to Grocery Stores

Looking at where you’re going to buy food and basic necessities is one of the first steps to buying a house.  Consider which shops you’ll stop in at or whether the area is a food desert that will require you to drive over ten minutes to get to even a basic grocery market.

Even if you usually get your groceries delivered and don’t drive to them, keeping them close matters since so many stores have distance limits that they’ll travel to drop them off.

Where Are Emergency Services

How far are the emergency services from this property?  If you need them, how long will it take for an ambulance to arrive at your home?  How about a fire truck?  Although some people prefer the quiet seclusion of a home out in the woods, especially if you have kids, you need to think about whether or not you’re comfortable with a thirty-minute wait until help arrives.

Is There Shared Outdoors Space

Shared outdoor spaces give you a space where you can enjoy connecting with your neighbors and spending time outside with your family.  These can be pools, kids’ parks, sports fields, clubhouses, and dozens of other options that can make living in an area all the more exciting.  While looking at these, consider looking if there’s an HOA as well.

Is It In a Floodplain

Is this neighborhood in the path of a common natural disaster?  This is most important to check around coastal cities and areas since you’re more likely to flood or be hit by severe rainstorms.  Is your possible home above sea level?  Flooding is one of the most expensive forms of damage, and almost 15% of properties in the US are at risk of it.

What Are the Crime Statistics Like

This step is important, especially if you have a child.  What are the crime rates in this area?  Will you feel safe walking alone after dark, or will you get anxious every time your child has to walk home from the bus stop?  Consider taking a moment to seriously think about what you’d like to see for crime statistics and how much is too much to feel safe.

How Much Have Property Prices Changed in a Decade

Property prices in the last three years have been wild all over the country, but how has this neighborhood you’re considering property values changed?  Have homes skyrocketed in value, or have they generally remained the same?  If you’re in a neighborhood that was only built within the last ten years, you should look at the surrounding areas for this information.

Don’t Be Afraid to Research Your Potential Neighborhoods.

Although it may feel like a waste of time to stop and research the neighborhood before you buy a home in today’s rapidly moving market: it’s vital that you make a safe and smart choice before buying.  Getting to know your neighborhood and your experience living there will be even better.

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