How to Maintain Your RV After a Successful Financing Process

Regular maintenance is the key to increasing the lifespan and value of your RV. Ensure that you read the manufacturer’s manual as it will contain useful tips for maintaining your rig. You can also enlist a certified RV technician near you for a thorough inspection once a year.

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These suggestions will go a long way to boost the efficiency of your mobile home whether it’s in use or not.

1.    Inspect your RV batteries

It can be heart-wrenching if your RV suddenly stops in the middle of nowhere because of a dead battery. The rule of thumb is to keep your batteries fully charged always.

RV batteries are not designed to last for a lifetime. Start-type batteries tend to lose capacity after five years, while deep-cycle batteries can remain in optimum conditions for up to three years. Remove and store your battery in a warm place immediately winter sets in.

2.    Replace filters

Make sure you check your RV’s coolant, air filter, hydraulic filter, and air filter each time you change the oil. It’s ideal to change these filters every season. Skipping this maintenance procedure often leads to the premature wear and tear of the engine. Apart from that, it can cause the RV to use more fuel.

3.    Check the roof and awning

Some common materials used for RV roofs include ALFA, metal, and fiberglass. Inspecting your roof every three months will help you detect leaks before they get out of hand. Don’t hesitate to seal your roof whenever you notice leaks.

Once the water starts seeping into your roofing system, it can cause gradual damage, which is usually expensive to repair. Cleaning your RV awning is the surest way to prevent mold and mildew build-up. Remember to take this step after each trip.

RV roof replacement is quite expensive. Prioritize RV roof maintenance as you pay off your RV loan.

4.    Change the RV oil

Consider carrying out this procedure at the beginning of every season to keep your engine lubricated. Changing your RV’s oil will help to prevent wear and tear over time, which may result in an expensive repair or replacement.

5.    Maintain the sewer system

Black water systems and gray water systems require different types of chemicals. It’s imperative to flush the system with the right amount of water each time you use it.

Another thing is to invest in biodegradable toilet paper so that the sewer system will keep running smoothly. It’s important to take these steps to avoid a clogged system.

6.    Prioritize brake maintenance

A lot of accidents occur as a result of negligence on the part of the driver. Maintaining your brakes is a must to protect you and other road users. Endeavor to keep your wheel bearings lubricated. Besides, recognize when your brake is due for a replacement and take the necessary steps.

7.    Document maintenance tasks

Leveraging digital tools can make it easier to document routine maintenance and make entries on the go. The truth is that the data can help you detect patterns and predict the next maintenance date.

Some tools will even send you notifications when another maintenance session is around the corner.

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